Clean Up Your Act — The Real Dirt on Reducing Your Energy Bills

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You may not know it, but keeping your furnace and A/C clean can help reduce heating and cooling costs. Here are some dirty little secrets you should know: “A build-up of .042 inches of dirt on heating or cooling coils can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%.” (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency. “Clean systems restore capacity and lessen running … Read More

Robbery May Have Been a Blessing in Disguise – a Customer’s Story

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Misfortune May Have Been a Blessing in Disguise When Mark Hamilton discovered in August of 2009 that thieves had stolen the coils from the two large air conditioners that kept the Ivanhoe Masonic Lodge cool, he was not happy. “We had a 7.5-ton and a 10-ton air conditioner,” Hamilton said. “I called Anthony because I had heard that they were … Read More