It’s finally summer!

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It’s finally summer!  That means three things: high heat, high humidity, and higher utility bills. We would like to offer these tips: Whole-house fans help cool your home by pulling cool air through the house and exhausting warm air through the attic.  They are effective when operated at night and when the outside air is cooler than the inside.  However, … Read More

Plumbing Tune-Up – Everything PLUS the Kitchen Sink!


Plumbing Tune-Up – Everything… including the Kitchen Sink! You’ve probably heard of an annual maintenance plan for your AC and furnace.  Did you know your home’s plumbing system also needs to be tuned-up once a year?  What is a plumbing system tune-up; what does in involve?   You Don’t Have to Live with Slow Drains and Running Toilets A plumbing … Read More