Myth Buster: AC’s control humidity?

August 1, 2022

How many times have you heard the saying, “it’s not the heat – it’s the humidity?” Weather people report not only outside temperature but the heat index as well.  “Heat index” is what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity (RH) is combined with air temperature.

Here is a shocker, air conditioners do not control the humidity in a home! Air conditioners control the air temperature at the thermostat.  That is it.  Dehumidification or humidity removal is a byproduct of a properly working air conditioner.  A properly sized air conditioner will run more and dehumidify better (longer run cycles) than an oversized air conditioner.  Homes with oversized air conditioners can have a cave-like feel, cool but a little clammy.

Your home access and air flow spaces in a home affect the summertime humidity level.  Examples are doors, windows, openings to the attic, opening in the return air ductwork, fireplace flues, and exhaust vents.  Some homeowners feel that the humidity level creeps up in their home at night.

So, what is the ideal level of humidity in a home?  For ideal comfort in the summertime, RH should be 50 to 55% with an indoor temperature of 75˚ to 78˚ F.  In the winter the RH should be 35 to 40% with an indoor temperature of 72˚ to 75˚ F.

Here is a list of tips to lower the humidity level in your home.

  1. Do not set up the temperature (or very little) when you are away from the home. Also, set the temperature a few degrees cooler at night.
  2. Vent all clothes dryer exhaust to the outside and inspect the vent hose for tears or breaks.
  3. Operate bathroom exhaust fans 10 minutes after showering or bathing.
  4. Operate dishwashers at night.
  5. Use kitchen exhaust fans when cooking.
  6. Have a professional comprehensive tune-up on your air conditioning system every year

If you aren’t happy with the comfort level of your home, call A-N-T-H-O-N-Y, 268-4669 (913) or (816) the Technicians You Can TRUST With Your Housekeys®.  We have the expertise and tools to provide real comfort.  Life is too short not to be comfortable in your own home.

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