Pumpkin in the Drain can Make your Halloween a Nightmare

Steve BurbridgeGeneral, Plumbing

Ah the ooey gooey feeling of sticky pumpkin innards that cling to your hands when pumpkin carving.  Think cleaning up after that is a nightmare?  What’s worse is what could happen if you wash the pulp and seeds down your drain. Oh but you are putting them in the garbage disposal you say?  Bad idea!  Despite popular belief, garbage disposals … Read More

Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Maintenance Tips from Anthony PHC


Before we get started mentioning the plenty of problems your plumbing system may encounter with time and use, it is important to note that at Anthony PHC Kansas City, safety is very important to us. Of course, there are many things you can do to maintain and check-up on your plumbing system, but if you do not know what you … Read More

Check Your Sump Pump Before It’s Too Late

Steve BurbridgeGeneral, Plumbing

Your sump pump system is your main line of defense against indoor flooding, but only if it is working! If you have a finished basement, or if you are storing valuables in an unfinished basement, you should take regular steps to ensure that your sump pump system is working. To be well protected against the devastating financial losses associated with … Read More

Easing “Drain Pain”: Drain Remediation to Your Rescue

APHCGeneral, Plumbing

Your sink, toilet or bathtub is clogged. Is the problem at the trap, or the mainline, or somewhere in between? The plumbers on our drain remediation team have the tools to quickly analyze your situation and get your drain open and flowing.  Our drain remediation trucks carry state-of-the-art video cameras and drain opening equipment so we can diagnose and solve … Read More

Faucet Repair in Kansas City at Anthony PHC

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In this post, we’ll go over the parts of a faucet, easy troubleshooting techniques, and faucet repair in Kansas City at Anthony PHC. We offer outside plumbing help. There are several issues that can plague your faucet, but a leaky faucet is the most common. Typically, a worn washer or cartridge is to blame for your faucet, though a worn … Read More