Maestro, Please! Save My Marriage with Whole-House Zoning

Steve BurbridgeGeneral, Heating & Cooling

“ZONING saved my marriage!” Anonymous, Overland Park By giving homeowners more control over how they heat and cool their home, a zoning system enables the creation of comfort zones that are customizable for each room or “zone,” which keeps all family members happy while saving money on energy bills at the same time.  Instead of sending the same amount of heated … Read More

10 COOL Energy Saving Tips

Steve BurbridgeHeating & Cooling

Run the fan in the on position – sounds funny since fans use energy but with the fan in the on position the temperature will be more even in the house and you may be able to adjust the thermostat up a degree or two and still feel comfortable (also the air will be cleaner with continuous fan operation). Set … Read More

Is Your Upstairs Too Hot in The Summer?

Steve BurbridgeHeating & Cooling

Is Your Upstairs Too Hot in The Summer? We control the lighting with a switch in every room, so why not the heating and cooling?  It’s here, a system that delivers the cool air WHERE you need it, WHEN you need it.  And that saves you money. A Maestro Zoning system is installed right into your existing heating and cooling … Read More