Air Cleaner & Air Filter Installation

Dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses all build up in your home. Trapped indoor air can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Common 1″ filters in your furnace and air conditioner can only stop 5% to 15% of harmful airborne particles. By installing the right filtration system directly into your heating and cooling system, we can STOP dust, mites, and harmful contaminants from traveling freely through your home.

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Is Your home Trapping Harmful Contaminants?

An unintended result of today’s tighter homes is heightened levels of indoor air pollution. Dangerous particles, as well as chemicals, are being trapped in your home. Illness-causing micro-organism infestation, allergens, and bad odors are all problems which affect the well-being and comfort of everyone in your home.


  • Destroy Harmful Airborne Contaminants
  • Increase Efficiency of Your Comfort System
  • Reduce Odors
  • Lower Operating Costs

There are Two Categories of Air Cleaners

  • Arrestors which physically trap pollutants.
  • Non-Arrestors which alter the pollutants characteristics without capturing them.


Mechanical Air Filters (Media Filters)
Most mechanical air filters use a woven material to capture particles as the try to pass thru. Some are washable, otherwise dirty filters are discarded and replaced by new ones. Air filters with the ability to trap 99.97% of particles larger than .3 microns in size are called HEPA, or High Efficiency Particle Arrestor.

Electronic Air Cleaner (Anthony Clean Machine)
An Electrostatic or Electronic Air Cleaner places a charge on particles as they pass by an electrical grid. This gives them a charge which makes them “sticky”. The “sticky” particles then pass by oppositely charged collector plates. Since they are “sticky” with the opposite charge, the particles cling to the plates. Because the plates accumulate particles, they will eventually become covered and need washing, so an electrostatic air cleaner’s ability declines with use and requires maintenance. Most home owners do not wash an electronic air cleaner’s metal cells often enough (studies show every 8 days is optimal). Thus, we recommend an electronically-charged media air cleaner. These air cleaner medias last approximately one year and they are discarded with no messy washing needed as with electronic air cleaners with metal cells.


Ionic Air Cleaners
Ionic Air Cleaners generate an electrical charge. The pollutants in the air become “sticky” and cling to the walls and ceiling and furniture in the room. Because the pollutants are “sticky” they may also cling to the inside of your lungs when you inhale them. Ionic Air Cleaners may also produce Ozone as a byproduct. Ozone may be considered an irritant.

Ozone Air Cleaners (Air Scrubber Plus®)
Ozone Air Cleaners manufacturer a form of oxygen that combines with pollutants and changes their chemical make up. Ozone Air Cleaners are mostly used for smoke and odor removal.

Ultra-violet Air Cleaners (UV Germicidal Mold-Killing Lamp)
An ultra-violet lamp, installed into your heating and cooling system kills bacteria, molds, and viruses. The speed of the air and the light intensity are critical to it’s success. This type of air cleaner does not remove particles, but can be combined with a mechanical filtering device to do so.