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  1. Be sure that your thermostat is on and is properly set to heat.
  2. Make sure the electrical shut-off switch on the side of the boiler is on.
  3. Check the breaker box for a tripped breaker. A boiler will be a single 15 or 20-amp breaker. If the breaker is tripped, try resetting it and if it flips back off, DO NOT KEEP TRYING TO RESET IT. Call us immediately at (913) 353-8444 or (816) 407-8444.
  4. If you have a water boiler, listen to see if you can hear if the circulating pump is operating.
  5. If you have a steam boiler (boiler with a glass tube) check to make sure there is water in the glass tube. The water level should be approximately half way up the tube.
  6. If specific areas of the house aren’t heating, the radiators might have air in them instead of water or steam.

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Consumer Reports does not rate boilers, furnaces, or air conditioners because the performance, energy costs, longevity, and guarantees are so heavily based on the installing company and not the equipment manufacturer. This is why it’s so important to choose an experienced contractor who specializes in residential replacement, not new construction. It’s the service and proper installation of the new system that determines whether it lasts a few years or 20 to 30 years. Our product is quality service and a superior installation, done right the first time – guaranteed.


  1. TWO-YEAR money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee
  2. Referral Rewards Pay-Back Program: Your new system could be free!
  3. We are the “Technicians You Can Trust With Your House Keys!”® Our installers are drug free and background tested. This means you don’t have to be home during the installation.
  4. Award-Winning Service: 14 year in a row winner of the Angi Super Service Award
  5. A+ rating with the BBB
  6. A quality control report is completed on every installation and you are trained on the operation of your new system.

There are two types of boilers (or radiant heating) systems: hot water or steam.

Hot Water Boilers circulate heated water through radiators, convectors, floors, and even towel warmers! This heating system is the most comfortable type of heat there is. Many of the boiler systems we install today have multiple zones and multiple thermostats for maximum control over your comfort. Additionally, our high-efficiency boilers use a PVC (plastic) exhaust pipe and are known as “condensing boilers” because the flue gas temperature is so cool, water forms in the boiler and exhaust pipe.

Steam Boilers are found in older homes and are easy to identify due to a glass tube that is located on the side of the boiler. The water level in the boiler will be indicated in this tube. Steam boilers are literally half full of water, or half empty- however you choose to look at it. Steam boiler systems have more controls and require more maintenance than water boilers. In the event the main burner comes on with no water in the boiler, it will overheat and crack. Some steam boilers that have both a supply and a return pipe to each radiator can be converted to hot water heating. We are experts at this conversion and homeowners are very happy with the results when they switch to hot water from steam.