Kansas City Faucet Repair

Our plumbers average over 15 years of professional experience. Their clean, modern trucks are stocked with thousands of parts to get your repair done fast, friendly and fair. Count on us for all your Kansas City faucet repair, including bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets.

We’ve been in the plumbing business since 1951 and we pride ourselves on excellent plumbing service. Our plumbers perform a thorough diagnostic, give you options, and a plumbing repair estimate before the work ever begins. There are no surprises.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We take Kansas City faucet repair seriously. When one of our plumbers comes into your home, he will fix your problem right the first time and you will receive a written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the quality of our plumbing repair work or installation, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. No questions asked

Upfront Pricing & Approval Before We Start!

Top Ratings on Better Business Bureau & Angie’s List

Two-Year Guarantee on Plumbing Repairs & Installations

Financing Options on Water Heaters, Sump Pumps & More!

We are waiting to take on your kitchen faucet replacement, bathroom faucet replacement, faucet leaks, slow drains, shower drains, low water pressure, running toilet, bathtub, shower, wet bar, laundry room, water shut-off valves and even an outdoor hose bib.

How to Turn Off the Water Supply If Your Faucet Breaks

It happens. Faucets break, sometimes violently, and water begins spewing all over the walls and floor. Don’t panic! Look beneath the sink for the water shut-off valves. There are two, one for each hot and cold. They’re usually chrome with a small oval valve handle or what’s called a quarter valve with a mini-lever. Turn the handles or lever clockwise until the water stops pouring out of the faucet. Sometimes water shut-off valves freeze up from lack of use. If it won’t budge, get a pair of pliers and slowly turn the knob back and forth until the rubber seat inside loosens. Don’t force it all at once or it could break and cause bigger plumbing problems. If the valve spins freely and won’t turn the inner seat, tighten the set screw on the face and try again. Once the valve is moving, turn off the water and call Anthony for Kansas City faucet repair and installation.

For more information about how faucets work, common repair issues and troubleshooting tips, check out our blog post on faucet repair in Kansas City.