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We offer 3 garbage disposers to meet the needs of every homeowner

Our GOOD option disposer has a 3/4 horse power, heavy duty motor, it has a stainless steel grinding chamber which means the inside will never rust. It comes with a 3 yr in-home warranty.

Our BETTER option garbage disposer has a 7/8 horse power, heavy duty motor, and a 2-stage stainless steel grinding chamber that will virtually liquefy any food waste. This is safer for your pipes, sewer and septic system. And, it has more insulation which makes it 40% quieter than the standard model. It comes with an 8 yr in-home warranty.

Our BEST option disposer has a 1.1 horse power heavy duty motor, it is at least 60% quieter than a standard garbage disposer and has a 3-stage stainless steel grinding chamber that will literally liquefy anything you put down it. This one comes with a full 12 yr in-home warranty.

Our Disposers Offergarbage-disposal-anthony-plumbing-heating-cooling

  • larger horsepower
  • auto-reverse
  • stainless-steel components
  • 3-12 year warranty

If you are still using the same garbage disposer that was in your home when you bought it, or if you have an older disposer, this message is for you! By installing a new Professional Grade disposer, you will have many benefits. The best advantage is how quiet they are. They are made with thicker insulation and won’t sound like “Garbage Demons” when turning them on.

Upgrading to a larger horsepower will keep your sink from clogging and do the job in less time. The auto-reverse feature will help prevent jams so that you don’t have to get out that little wrench. And finally, these garbage disposers are made with complete stainless-steel components so they won’t rust out. Don’t be confused, you can’t buy the quality disposers at the hardware stores.
Depending on the model, garbage disposers installed by Anthony Plumbing, Heating & Cooling come with our 3-12 year warranty.