Temperature Controlled, Zoned Comfort

Zoning, as it relates to heating and cooling, means being able to customize your comfort. It’s a simple, economical way to gain better air flow to problem areas without adding an additional heating and cooling system. Using automatic dampers, a zoning system allows you to control the temperature independently in separate areas of your home or office.

The brain of the system is an electronic monitor which activates the dampers as ordered by the individual thermostats in the areas served. Most homes have areas that suffer because a single thermostat located in one area controls the temperature in all parts of the home. The thermostat only knows the temperature where the thermostat is actually located. You simply cannot achieve whole home comfort with one thermostat, just like you can’t (and don’t want to) control all your lighting with one light switch.

“ZONING saved my marriage!” Anonymous, Overland Park

You need Maestro Zoning in your home if . . .

  • It has multiple levels
  • It contains a bonus room off the back or over the garage
  • There are finished areas in the basement or attic
  • It utilizes expansive glass areas
  • You desire different temperatures in different areas of the home
  • You have a home office
  • A portion of the home is built over a concrete slab floor
  • The home extends in multiple directions or has wings extending off the main living area
  • There are large, open areas such as vaulted ceilings or lofts, an atrium or a solarium

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