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Outdoor Hose Faucet Installed by Anthony Plumbing Heating & CoolingOutdoor hose faucet

One of the most wasteful and neglected faucets in your home is your outdoor hose faucet. Anthony Plumbing Heating & Cooling is proud to offer the Prier brand of exterior hose faucets. They are made right here in Kansas City. They’ve been here for over 130 years. Today’s technology available right outside your home making your life a little bit easier!

We only install freeze-proof outdoor faucets. We make sure it’s installed correctly. The rear chamber must be 10″ inside your home. The air is warmer there in the winter. It also needs to be at a downward angle. We want to make sure all the water drains out after the water is shut off. This is why it’s important to disconnect your hose in the winter. The water can freeze if it is installed level or upward. Then you could end up with a breaking pipe. Breaking pipes can cause endless amounts of damage. Think about what that could look like if you are out of town or at work for 8 hours. You can see why having Anthony install it correctly is a must!

Anthony plumbers use silicone around the exterior opening as a barrier against the cold weather. All our outdoor hose faucets come with the 1/4-turn handle for easy on and easy off. You’ll have the water turned on with complete ease.

Common Uses

Whether you’re a gardener or barbecue enthusiast, a functioning outdoor hose faucet is essential. The most common outdoor faucets are connected to the right outside of your garage, though they may also be located on the side walls of the house. If you choose to install an outdoor hose faucet to a home that doesn’t already have one, you’ll be able to garden, rinse food, wash your hands, wash your car, power wash your driveway or clean your pool. They make your home extra safe, too—you can use an outdoor faucet to put out minor fires caused by dangerous flames in a barbecue pit, for example. Keep in mind that these faucets primarily supply cold water, so you really shouldn’t be using this outlet for bathing.

How it Works

The hose draws its water supply from either an already-existing water faucet or the main line (you can build a separate water line for the outdoor faucet if the spout is far from the house’s water line). There are also portable outdoor faucets available that have a small sink and connect to the regular garden hose. These can be used to prepare food or wash dishes outside—great for those who like to barbecue a lot! You’ll need to anchor the sink, of course, but an Anthony PHC technician can take care of that in a jiffy!

Reasons for Repair

Common reasons that you may require outdoor hose faucet repair include a leak, broken spigot, water flow issues or freezing.  Leaking is the most common of these problems, but we can come out and patch the leak in minutes. If you overuse your water faucet or live in an area with lots of damaging weather, you may experience a broken spigot or valve. Water flow issues can be detected by a loud noise inside the house when the faucet is on. No matter the problem, give us a call so we can diagnose the issue!