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Past 2018 Teaching Tuesday Seminars

 Jan 9 – Avoid the cold shower!  Everything you should know about your water heater.

Jan 23 –  Uneven heat in your home?  Explore Maestro Zoning

Feb 6 – 8 Things to Consider when replacing your furnace

Feb 20You are what you drink.  Know your water quality in your home.  Canceled due to weather

Mar 6 – Indoor Flood Prevention Series, Part 1:  Sump pumps and battery backups.

Mar 20 – Indoor Flood Prevention Series, Part 2:  New products that give you piece of mind and prevent costly flood damage.

Apr 10 – How is the plumbing?  What to look for when buying a home.

Apr 24 – AC Summer Maintenance

May 8 – Improved air quality in your home and your health.  Airborne allergens, viruses, and mold protection

May 22 – Hot AND HUMID – reduce humidity in your home with dehumidification

Sept 25 – Faucets and Toilets, Care and Repair

Oct 9 – Furnace Safety and Maintenance

Oct 23 – Total Home Control – Controlling Your Home from Your Smartphone

Nov 6 – Plumbing DIY Every Homeowner Should Know

Nov 27 – Humidification and Your Health

Dec 4 – Water Heaters – Tank, Tankless, Tank Boosters & Other Options for Continuous Hot Water

Dec 18 – Home Air Quality – Hospital Quality Tech for Your Home

Past Topics:
Total home connection with your smart phone
Toilet and faucet care and repair
Instant hot water at every faucet
Home humidification and air quality
Water Heating
Plumbing DIY Every Home Owner Should Know
A/C Summer Maintenance
Maestro Zoning

Steve Burbridge – Master Mechanical, Master Plumber & BPI Certified Building Analyst
Kent Gurske – Operations Manager & Master Plumber
Jeff Lawrence – Customer Involvement Expert
Steve Harper – Director of HVAC Apprenticeship Program
Eric Blick – Comfort Advisor & MyHome Specialist