10 COOL Energy Saving Tips

July 26, 2016

  1. Run the fan in the on position – sounds funny since fans use energy but with the fan in the on position the temperature will be more even in the house and you may be able to adjust the thermostat up a degree or two and still feel comfortable (also the air will be cleaner with continuous fan operation).
  2. Set back the thermostat when you are not home. The easiest way to do this is with a geofenced thermostat. When you are one mile from the home the thermostat automatically goes into setback mode and comes back up when back in a preset range.
  3. Keep the air conditioner cooling coil clean. The part that is away from the house may look clean since it has rain on it – however the part of the coil near the house may be caked with dirt.
  4. Install a clean filter in the system. Filters add resistance to air flow as they impinge particles in the air. We want the least resistance for cooling and livelier air for cooling operation.
  5. Adjust volume dampers in the trunk ducts. Some systems have manual dampers that can be adjusted to force more air to the second floor rooms or hard to cool rooms.
  6. If you have hard to cool rooms or floors of the home then consider installing a zoning system. A zoning system adds thermostat(s) and automatic dampers to the system so you can get control of the air. If there are zones you are not in like the downstairs at night then set those zones back.
  7. Have your duct system air leakage sealed. Basements often get super cool in the summer because of cool air pouring out with duct leakage. If ducts are installed in an attic, crawl space or garage it is critical they are air tight and well insulated.
  8. If your attic is not up to at least a R40 then have it reinsulated. Before they reinsulate it have all penetrations sealed air tight and can lights sealed.
  9. Install awnings on the east and west side of the home. Alternatives are interior window shades or window film. Or better yet plant a tree on the west side of the house.
  10. If your air conditioner is older than 12 years old consider replacing it with a new high efficiency system that uses non ozone depleting refrigerant.
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