Electricians in Kansas City, MO

Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric is one of the leading Missouri electrical contractors, providing exceptional electrical services in Kansas City Metro. Taking a different approach to both commercial and home electrical service, Anthony has set itself apart from other electricians. Whether you simply want to make some upgrades to your home or you have serious safety concerns with your wiring, Anthony electricians have the expert knowledge that you need.

We can help you conserve energy and save money while keeping your family safe, and we offer emergency service, 24 hours a day.

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Anthony is proud of the level of professionalism and respect exhibited by every single one of our electricians.

Electrical Services in Kansas City, MO

What are the Signs Your Kansas City Home Needs an Electrical Inspection or Repairs?

The need for an electrical inspection or electrical repair work becomes apparent when you experience one of the following five situations:

  1. You have old two-plug outlets. A two-prong outlet means the electrical wiring is not grounded. This can cause sparks and arcing, especially when using modern-day appliances, TVs, computers, and other types of electrical equipment.

  2. Flickering lights. Flickering lighting typically indicates faulty switches or an overloaded electrical system. You can tell if the system is overloaded when a major appliance turns on and the lights dim.

  3. Circuit breakers or fuses trip. Another sign of an overloaded or shorted electrical system is when the circuit breakers constantly click off or fuses blow. This is a sign the electrical panel and wiring need to be upgraded.

  4. Warm Switch/Outlets. When you touch a switch or electrical outlet and feel warmth, it typically means that either the electrical energy load is too high, there are damaged wires, or the circuit breakers/fuses have to be upgraded to handle the load.

  5. Burning Smells. Shorts in the wiring or circuit breakers can cause an acrid burning smell. This needs to be addressed quickly through emergency service to avoid a fire.

Benefits of Having a Master Electrician Work on Your Home

A Master Electrician is someone who obtained the level of training and experience to be considered an expert in the field. They can handle any standard or emergency electrical repair or upgrade in your home, and they are typically bonded, insured, and licensed, which provides a measure of safety and protection for you when they work on your electrical system. Anthony’s electricians are here to help you with any repairs or services.

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