Manufacturer (or Brand) of Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment Doesn’t Mean Much

Central air conditioning and heating systems are not “plug and play” appliances (like a window-mounted air conditioner). They must be sized and appropriately matched (outdoor unit, indoor cooling coil, indoor heating section with correct size blower and temperature controls), installed with the proper air-tight ductwork, natural gas piping, electrical wiring (24, 120, and 240 volts), leak-free refrigerant piping and condensate piping. If anyone of these systems is not sized and installed properly, the homeowner will pay higher utility bills than necessary, have a shorter equipment life, be less comfortable, and possibly be in an unsafe environment.

Consumer Reports does not rate central heating and air conditioning systems for the fact that so much of the success of the system depends on the installation and continued maintenance of the system. Very little – maybe 25% is the original manufacturer of the equipment.

When a homeowner has a problem with their system, they don’t call the manufacturer – they call the company that installed the system or a local service company. I would hate to think of trying to get a hold of anyone at a manufacturer that could solve their problems.

We like to look at all the manufacturer’s product offerings and do business with local distributors that provide good service (after 5:00, we can talk with someone). Also, we sell brands that have an emphasis on quality since we provide warranty service for what we install. Many of the parts used in air conditioners are not generic, so it is common that there is one local source for a part. If the distributor for the manufacturer does not have the part, it could be days or weeks before the part is available.

Cooling and heating systems can have issues, even when brand new. So, choose a company to service and install the comfort system that you can trust. Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric has been serving the Kansas City Metro area for over 70 years and employs “Technicians You Can Trust With Your House Keys”®.  The phone number is the same as the name. Call A-N-T-H-O-N-Y (268-4669) 913 or 816. Or online at