Outdoor Electrical Lighting and Entertainment Systems

June 3, 2021

outdoor lighting
Outdoor lighting and entertainment systems are great ways to add value and beauty to your home while enhancing your outdoor living areas.  There are a wide range of lighting solutions as well as options for theatres, sound systems, fireplaces, water features, grills, and charging stations for your phones and Bluetooth devices.
Outdoor electrical products need outdoor-rated electrical power delivery systems.  The expert electricians at Anthony PHCE can advise you on the best outdoor outlets, wiring, and electrical distribution boxes needed to achieve your present and future outdoor electrical goals, and install them for you, too.

Outdoor Entrance Lighting adds Beauty, Safety, and Security

Increasing the outdoor lighting of your front entrance is a great way to add beauty, safety, and security to your home.  To keep electricity costs down, consider LED options that use as little as one-third of the energy and last much longer.  When choosing your outdoor lighting, consider connecting the network to a Wi-Fi timer or installing motion sensors so lights turn on only when needed.
Outdoor light fixtures should carry an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating that indicates where they can be used. Dry-rated fixtures cannot be subjected to excessive moisture and should not be installed outdoors. Tolerances vary for fixtures that are damp- and wet-rated:

  • Damp-rated:  Suitable for sheltered porch areas that are protected from water during storms, and from excessive moisture.
  • Wet-rated:  Necessary for fixtures fully open to the elements, where rain and snow can come into direct contact with the fixture.

Outdoor Deck and Patio Lighting Enhances Décor and Increases Visibility

Deck and patio outdoor lighting is beautiful, but also very important to increase visibility for safety and convenience after dark.  Lighting can be added to stairs, rails, rail posts, ceilings, floors, and landscaping.  Lighting schemes can be designed to match any aesthetic effect and visibility enhancement a homeowner wishes to achieve and can include the following:

  • Post Cap Lights – placed on the top of the rail post, these add perimeter lighting to the deck rails.
  • Post Mount / Side Mount Lights – placed on the sides of rail posts or any vertical surface, these lights point down and add illumination across the deck or patio floor.
  • Under-Rail and Under-Tread Stair Lighting – these lights are typically LED strip lights that are placed pointing downward underneath stair tread overhangs or under rails. You cannot see the lights themselves, only the illumination they create.
  • Ceiling Lighting – For covered decks, ceiling lighting is a great choice for overall visibility. Hanging chandeliers provide added decoration while bringing the light lower to increase visibility.  Ceiling fans with lights provide air movement.  Recessed can lights in the ceiling provide light with a modern, uncluttered look.  Spotlights, lanterns, and string lights are other ceiling lighting options.
  • Floor Lighting – In-floor lighting can be installed in your deck floor for a modern, soft look. These recessed, low voltage can-lights placed near steps and deck corners can add safety while offering a cozy glow.

Outdoor Water and Fire Features offer Relaxation and Warmth

Outdoor experiences are even more enjoyable when trickling water or dancing flames are added for ambiance.  Outdoor fire pits and electric fireplaces are a popular way to add lighting, warmth, and decoration to your deck or patio.  Water features such as tabletop fountains, freestanding waterfalls, and in-ground ponds add beauty as well as relaxing white noise, which can help drown out sounds from nearby streets and the surrounding neighborhood.

Outdoor Theatres and Audio Systems Bring the Party Outside

Watching movies outside is a great way to enjoy nice weather.  Outdoor televisions and outdoor projection systems come in a variety of options.  But neither is enjoyable without a proper outdoor audio system.  Whether you opt for a full surround sound configuration with in-ground subwoofers or more decorative speakers that blend in with existing landscaping, a high-quality outdoor audio system can add a great deal of enjoyment to your outdoor experiences.

Outdoor Cooking with Electricity Makes Life Easier

Outdoor electrical stovetops, grills, and smokers offer several benefits over traditional gas and charcoal options.  Cooking temperatures can be achieved more quickly, so items can be cooked individually whenever needed.  Electrical cooking eliminates the risk of running out of propane or charcoal.  In addition, electrical cooking is cleaner, both in reduced fumes and in the number of non-stick options available.

Outdoor Delivery Systems and Charging Stations Power Outdoor Living

Whether you choose an outdoor electrical system that is hardwired or plugged into outlets, you will need a safe and reliable outdoor power delivery system that conforms to city codes.  Outdoor outlets can become crowded quickly, so installing additional outdoor outlets are always a great option, but make sure they are GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).  More complex outdoor electrical systems may require underground wiring and independent power supplies to avoid running multiple extension cords.  If a hot tub is in your plans, an additional or upgraded electrical panel and breaker box may be required.
Do you receive your outdoor entertainment from battery-operated Bluetooth devices run by your phone?  Then an outdoor charging station may be best for you.  Charging stations can be installed that offer both regular and USB outlet ports to keep your Bluetooth speakers, computers, and phones charged and running strong.  These can be free-standing pedestals on your deck or next to your patio.
When making plans to expand your outdoor electrical delivery, remember to consider your holiday decorating desires to ensure you have the necessary outdoor electrical delivery to support your electrical decorations.

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