Five Cool Energy-Saving Tips

Grandview AC Installed by Anthony Plumbing Heating and Cooling

Energy savings tips for home owners in Kansas City.Five Cool Energy-Saving Tips

  • Check the thermostat for proper settings.  Make sure it’s set for cooling, and if you have your thermostat set on a custom program, make sure the TIME setting is correct.  Make sure the batteries are good. Turn the fan to ON so air will circulate, keeping the temperature even throughout the home.
  • Change the air filter in your furnace.  A dirty, clogged filter blocks the air flow so your AC has to run longer and harder to cool down the house.  Blocked air flow can also cause the cooling coil and copper refrigerant pipes to freeze up, resulting in hot air, and a call to the service company.
  • Clean the AC coil at the outdoor unit.  Use a garden hose to wash off leaves and dirt from the outside of the air conditioning unit.  A homeowner should NEVER take the cover off the AC.  A professional (like Anthony PHC) can safely clean the unit on the inside during the annual ac tune-up in Kansas City.  Cut shrubs to 18 inches away from the unit.   Restricted air flow makes the motor run harder which shortens the life of the unit and uses more energy.
  • Turn off the humidifier for the summer.  Turn humidistat back to 0 and the bypass damper to SUMMER position.
  • Annual maintenance on your heating and cooling system is a MUST for proper operation and efficiency.  A professional tune-up by a qualified technician will pay for itself because it keeps the system running at peak efficiency. This saves you money and lengthens the life of the system.  70% of system break-downs are found to be caused by lack of an annual tune-up.

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Five Cool Energy-Saving Tips