Reasons to Have Hot and Cold Outdoor Water

April 29, 2022

Many homeowners don’t realize that there is a way to control the water temperature inside and outside.  It never occurs to most people that it is possible to have more than just ice-cold water squirting from that garden hose.  Now that you know it’s possible think of all the benefits you could have with warm water available outside.

1.    Professional car wash right in your driveway

Do you often feel frustrated trying to get your driveway or car clean using only the cold water from the hose? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to be able to transform your outside faucet to dispense warm water? Many items that collect on vehicles don’t respond to cold water.  Having hot water makes cleaning more manageable, and you are not forced to carry heavy buckets of hot water from inside of the house to outdoors.

2.   Bathing man’s best friend

How many times have you muddied up your house with a dirty pet?  Then you put them in the bathtub and spread the dirt everywhere.  You could wash the dog outside, but cold water is uncomfortable for a man’s best friend most of the year.  Cold water prevents the soap from working and leaves you with a pair of frozen paws.  Imagine how much easier it would be to keep fido clean and keep the muck out of your house by having warm water right at the spigot.

3.    Gardening cleanup is a snap

Whether mowing the yard, weeding flower beds, or tending vegetables, you will get a little messy.  Completely clean your tools, shoes, and boots, and keep the dirt where it belongs, outside your home, not inside.

4.   Tiding up after your camping trip

If you are a camper, you know the preparation necessary to pack and organize before your trip, let alone the clean-up after you get home.  Camp stoves, cookware, canopies, cots, chairs, and the list goes on.  It’s a challenge to get things clean with cold water and a hose.   Having warm water available outside makes clean-up easier.

5.   An Angler’s Delight

Fishy smells can be atrocious, especially when it’s in the house. After your successful fishing excursion, cleaning your fish can be a smelly and messy endeavor.   Wouldn’t it be nice to keep the whole experience outside, where it belongs? 

Hot/Cold Faucets are a growing category of convenience features that Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric offers.  There are numerous reasons to have hot and cold water available on your exterior faucets. Call Anthony PHCE today and find out which faucet suits your needs. 

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