The Perks of a Heated Garage

December 8, 2021

Step into your “Florida room”

Winter is here—and your garage best be prepared when it arrives. Lucky for you, we’ve provided this handy guide to ensure your garage heating is taken care of. We recommend the Auto-Ray infrared garage heater because it doesn’t use electricity and runs on natural gas. These handy devices can heat a 2-3 car garage (500-600 square feet) at hardly any cost to you. We’ll go over the science behind infrared heat, the perks of using natural gas and the effects of cold weather on your vehicle.


Since the garage is the area of the house that must NOT be ducted from your home’s furnace, it is essential to implement a separate heat source that will de-ice your vehicle and keep it toasty warm. We know how annoying it is when you have to warm up your car every morning so that you can feel your fingers. If you’ve earned the coveted garage spot, you deserve a warm, ice-free car. Garage heating is the solution. Plus, an infrared garage heater helps the rooms above your garage stay warm, too. An infrared garage heater directly heats the floor and objects, which heats the surrounding air. The adjustable thermostat puts the control in your hands. An infrared garage heater is maintenance-free, odor-free, and not noisy. We offer a one-year warranty on gas control and a five-year warranty on the burner.

How Infrared Heating Works

Before investing in an infrared garage heater, knowing how it works is essential. Similar to how the sun heats our planet, electromagnetic waves make the molecules oscillate and release energy as warmth. Where traditional heating systems pump expensive heat into the air only to have it rise to the ceiling of the garage, infrared garage heaters are up to 50% more energy efficient. These systems produce Florida sun-like heat waves. You don’t have to worry about your garage losing its heat just because the garage door is open.

Infrared light isn’t visible because our eyes can’t access its spectrum. The same works for an infrared heater; the heat is a product of the light that we can’t see. Since our skin and clothes absorb the heat, these heaters aren’t wasting energy on spaces that don’t need heat. Our infrared garage heater uses natural gas because it’s the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

How the Cold Affects Your Vehicle

Low temperatures and dryness can create trouble for your vehicle. That is why an Auto-Ray garage heater is so important. Leaving your car in a cold environment for long periods can have the following effects:

  • Most cars have several rubber components (i.e., windshield wipers, belts, and hoses, etc.), which are susceptible to altercations from cold weather. Low temperatures can make rubber less pliable, thereby increasing chances of a rip, tear or break.
  • Another issue that can arise if your car isn’t kept in a warm location is that your battery can die. Extreme cold (below 30 degrees Fahrenheit) pulls voltage from a battery, making it more difficult for your car to start.
  • Sometimes when the temperate drops, fluids (oil, antifreeze, power steering, brake, transmission) can thicken, making it harder for your car to function the way it should.
  • Cold air can also affect tire pressure; Tires typically lose 1 pound per square inch for every 10-degree Fahrenheit drop. Tires not fully inflated won’t perform as well and are especially susceptible to damage in snowy and icy climates.
  • Other parts that can be damaged by the cold are wipers and washer solvents. If you clean your windshield before turning on your wipers, you’ll avoid creating more damage.
  • Spark plugs are another feature that cold weather targets, weakening their reliability.

Contact Us

If you’re looking for a garage heater that will make the most of your budget and harness the warming capabilities of the sun, an infrared heater is the way to go. Contact Anthony PHCE to get you set up with your very own system. Keeping your vehicle warm will be worth it in the long run—trust us.

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