Winter Garage Warmth

January 4, 2023

Homeowners with auto-ray infrared garage heaters comment that these heaters rank high among the best inventions of all time! They are that amazing.

Your garage can now be a “Florida Room” with infrared rays (like the sun) warming your car, the floor, and all objects in the garage.

Some older homes have a branch supply duct from the home’s main system to heat the garage. There are two good reasons why building codes now prohibit this. Number one is the fire rating of the garage that has been breached, and number two is that when the system is off, carbon monoxide or other toxic gases could enter the home thru the branch duct.

There are multitudes of reasons to heat your garage with infrared heaters. Here are just a few:

  1. If the entrance to your basement is from the garage.
  2. If you have an overflow refrigerator or freezer in your garage.
  3. If you have a car or motorcycle.
  4. If you have a bathroom above or adjacent to the garage – you will never have to worry about pipes freezing.
  5. You have a hobby that requires you to spend time in your garage.
  6. You have electric outages or are concerned about power outages.
  7. You want to control the wintertime temperature in your garage.
  8. You have rooms next to or above the garage that are cold in the winter.
  9. You have pets that you would like to be in the garage at times.

Auto-ray garage heaters installed by Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric operate on natural gas only.  There is no electrical circuit to these heaters, so you will always have inexpensive heat in your garage – even in a power outage. Also, the heaters are ventless so that an auto-ray heater can be installed in any garage.

There is nothing like pulling your car caked with snow into a garage and waking up in the morning with a dry, toasty warm car and a dry floor. This is a very affordable must-have item! Give your experts at Anthony PHCE a call or schedule online to get more information on installing a garage heater for your home.

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