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February 2, 2018

If you’re dealing with clogged toilets, drains that struggle or garbage disposers that never get the job done, it’s time to call in a Kansas City KS plumber. As a local company that’s served the community for over 50 years, we know just what issues the average KC home faces. In this post, we’ll go over technician training, our company guarantees and what specific plumbing services we offer. The average American seeks the help of a plumber once every three years; Make sure you’re reaching out to the right ones!

Plumbers with Precision

Each of our technicians receive over 100 hours of continuing education each year. With tools, technology and tactics constantly evolving, we want to make sure our technicians are performing at maximum efficiency. Master plumbers average over 15 YEARS of professional experience, which means they can work through just about any plumbing problem. If you want to see their know-how in action, you can stop by for one of our Teaching Tuesdays events (see image below). Not only do we want our plumbers to be informed, but we also want YOU to stay informed. Our blog covers plumbing and HVAC issues that plague your home and some troubleshooting technique to take care of the problem yourself!
anthony plumbing heating cooling teaching tuesdays class
In addition to extensive training, we distinguish ourselves by sending out pre-appointment emails with your technician’s photo and credentials. That way, you can identify the technicians when they arrive (also identifiable by their standard uniform) and trust their certification. The photo ID badge further solidifies their employment with Anthony PHC. All Antony technicians undergo a thorough background check and drug test. We won’t send anyone into your home that couldn’t be trusted with your house keys. Plumbers also wear ‘floor saver’ shoes to ensure nothing in your home is damaged during the repair or installation process. Our trucks are stocked with thousands of tools to make the process as quick as possible. If you know a Kansas City KS plumber that did a great job on a past project, you can request that same one for every tune-up.
kansas city ks plumber in training

Company Credentials and Guarantees

As a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, BBB Accredited A+ business and Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner 6 years running, we have the credentials to back up our promises.

  • As part of our green initiative, we always properly dispose of old water heaters and recycle used copper.
  • We offer emergency 24-hour service to make things more convenient for you.
  • We offer 365 day a year service, since we know plumbing emergencies can happen on holidays!
  • We have a full year guarantee on all plumbing repairs, because we believe the job should be done right the first time.
  • All pricing is upfront and must be approved by you before we begin repairs or installation.
  • We know plumbing services can be pricey, which is why we offer financing options for tankless water heaters, water heaters, sump pumps and more.
  • Prior to any work being done, plumbers run thorough diagnostics and work out which options would work best with your budget.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; If you’re unhappy with the results, we’ll take care of it.

anthony plumbing heating cooling mission with founders

Boiler System

One of the services a Kansas City KS plumber can complete for you is boiler system repair and installation. A boiler is a water heater that uses natural gas to heat up water to 145-190 degrees. Their radiant heat warms objects in a room, which means you can set your thermostat to a lower temperature and the boiler will still make the room feel warmer. This also gives you a more balanced heat throughout your home in the wintertime. Our plumbers can handle fintube, baseboard, or cast iron radiators.
Since the U.S. Boiler Company suggests annual maintenance on your boiler, a Kansas City KS plumber can work with you to schedule yearly checks. Common reasons for performance issues include pump failure and faulty electrical components (ie: thermostat). Unnecessary air sneaking into the system and low water pressure may also be to blame. If you require a boiler replacement, our technician will need to understand the home’s water distribution system first.

Faucet Repair and Installation

An Anthony Kansas City KS plumber can tackle just about anything: kitchen faucet replacement, bathroom faucet replacement, faucet leaks, water shut-off valves, and low water pressure. Most faucet problems are caused by worn washers or cartridges, though a worn seat valve may also be the culprit. Leaks may also be occurring in the Sprout O-rings or the O-rings.
parts of a faucet
If you’re installing a whole new bathroom faucet, there are a few different options to choose from:

  • A single-hole faucet often has a single-lever and is ideal for smaller sinks, such as powder room baths.
  • A center-set faucet can have either a single lever or two handles, and they’re the best option for bathroom sinks.
  • A widespread mount has three pieces—two handles and a spout—that are typically larger than other types of bath faucets. A wall mount faucet is more modern looking. The longer spouts extend over the top of a freestanding bowl.

Check out our blog post on Faucet Repair in Kansas City to learn more about the parts of a faucet, easy troubleshooting techniques, and the faucet repair we offer if you need outside help.

Toilet Repair

We know how important your golden throne is. That’s why we send out a Kansas City KS plumber that knows their stuff.

How it Works

When you flush your toilet, the chain in your tank lifts the flapper valve (tank ball) and water in the tanks moves through the flush valve opening into the toilet bowl. Then, the water from the tank forces the waste water in the toilet bowl through the trap. This waste water is moved into the main drain and the flapper valve closes once the tank is empty. The fill valve then refills the tank and the float ball shuts off the fill valve when the tank is full. As you can see, there are many parts that make this waste disposal powerhouse work. That means there are many different things that can wrong with your toilet…
diagram of toilet

Running Toilets

If your toilet is running, you’re wasting up to 200 gallons of water per day! A running toilet is caused by a faulty flapper that isn’t sealing correctly or a fill valve that isn’t accurately adjusted. We’ll replace the flapper if it’s warped or damaged. If the fill valve is allowing water to constantly run down the overflow tube, we can turn the adjustment screw on the valve to be an ideal inch below the top of the overflow tube.

Wet Floors

If the floor is wet around your toilet, we can clear up your unwanted pool. If you allow the water to sit, you may be dealing with a much larger problem: damage to your subfloor. We’ll check to make sure all the connections are tight and replace the washers if needed. If you’re noticing small drops on the side of the tank, it’s probably just condensation. Proper ventilation can fix that in a jiffy! A cracked toilet tank (see image below) can be more complicated—you may have to purchase an entirely new one. Other culprits might be a wax ring that no longer seals or a cracked toilet base. A Kansas City KS plumber will have to check out the toilet before thet can prescribe the right solution and get your toilet running at full capacity!
cracked toilet tank

Not Flushing

If your toilet isn’t flushing, you’ll want to check whether the handle is too loose or tight. The flush lever/lift arm, chain, flapper valve or connections may also be the problem. We can repair broken or bent lift arms and fix connections between the lift arm and chain. A toilet that won’t flush is an embarrassing predicament; Give us a call ASAP!

Noisy Toilet

Vanquish the noisy monster in your bathroom with the help of a Kansas City KS plumber! We’ve dealt with ghost flushing (cycling every few minutes or hours), the dreaded fill valve hiss (sounds like forced air), and water resonance (thumping when flushed). A common cause for noisy toilets is a water supply that isn’t fully opened. We can also disassemble and clean the toilet’s fill valves and replace the fill valve diaphragm seal if needed. For a more thorough breakdown of noisy toilets, check out this blog post from Fluid Master.
toilet fill valve in package

Contact Us

In addition to boilers, faucets and toilets, we can take care of low water pressure, re-piping, shut-off valves, water softeners, water heaters, sump pumps, drain cleaning, and garbage disposers! An Anthony PHC Kansas City KS plumber can make all your plumbing nightmares disappear. Contact us today!

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