Annual AC and Furnace Maintenance – Is It Really Necessary?

May 3, 2021

Your AC and furnace systems need to be in good working order as they are responsible for keeping your home cool and warm year-round.  A well-maintained AC and furnace also provide you with cleaner indoor air, lower energy bills, and a safe home.  How much maintenance do your AC and furnace need, and what should that maintenance entail?

How Often Should You Tune Up Your AC and Furnace?

Your AC and furnace systems need maintenance to keep their components clean and working properly.  Over time, dirt builds up in the coils, fans, filters, and other components causing your AC and furnace to work harder.  An AC and furnace system that is working harder has a shorter lifespan and uses more energy.  Annual maintenance can extend their life by several years, as well as save you up to 15 percent a month on your energy bills.
What happens if you skip a year of AC and furnace maintenance?  By delaying your annual AC and furnace tune-up, you are taking a risk that saving money in the short run will not cause your system to need costly repairs or premature replacement.  Worse yet, you risk the possibility that your system may stop working during the hottest or coldest days of the year when they work the hardest.

The Top Four Reasons Annual Tune-Ups are Recommended

  • Save on electricity and gas usage to lower energy bills and reduce environmental impact.

    • When you do not maintain your HVAC system’s health, it will run less efficiently, meaning your cooling or heating (electric or gas) bills will be higher than they should be. Excessive energy consumption places an unnecessary burden on the environment.
  • By paying a little now you can keep warranties intact and prevent spending more later.

    • According to Consumer Reports, a heating and cooling system lasts about 10 to 15 years. You shorten the lifespan and possibly void warranties if you do not maintain your system annually.  Over time, air conditioner coils become dirty, which makes them less efficient. In addition, this will cause the AC to run longer, resulting in increased energy cost and reduced lifespan of the equipment.
    • Most air conditioner and furnace manufacturers require regular maintenance to fulfill their warranties. They may also require documented annual maintenance by a professional HVAC technician.
  • Avoid having your air conditioner or furnace break down at the worst time.

    • Neglecting to maintain your air conditioner and furnace is like neglecting to take care of your car. The longer you wait, the more likely something is to break, costing you more in the long run. For example, not changing your filter can cause the air in your home not to be clean. It puts strain on the system and can lead to costly repairs like a blower motor failure.
    • Faulty electrical connections. Over time, electrical connections can loosen and cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components.
  • Keep your family safe from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Many homeowners do not realize the proactive steps that can be taken to keep their systems running at optimum capacity and avoid breakdowns at inconvenient times.  Scheduling preventative maintenance on your HVAC system is essential and many do not realize the vast benefits.  Some feel that calling a technician to examine your system when nothing seems wrong is a waste of time and money.  However, waiting until you experience problems is the least efficient way to maintain your system and often ends in more costly repairs and wasted time.

What Should be Included in an AC and Furnace Maintenance Tune-Up Visit?

During your preventative maintenance visit with Anthony PHCE, the technician will ask questions about how the system has been running and anything you want them to pay special attention to during the tune-up.  When performing an air conditioning tune-up, they will conduct a 360-degree evaluation, focusing on 16 efficiency and safety items.  They will ensure the system is operating efficiently and advise you of any current or potential issues.

Some of the important tune-up tasks customers may not see or overlook:

  1. Waxing the air conditioner. This will make it look new year after year and prevent the finish from oxidizing.
  2. Inspecting condensate water pipe/hoses. Replacing hoses is critical; mold often grows in them and a blockage can occur, causing water to spill into the furnace electronics.
  3. Testing the start assist component. This electronic component fails when it gets hot outside.  It can be tested to tell if it is starting to go out before it fails on a hot day.
  4. Adjusting duct balancing dampers. The technician will make any adjustments needed to force cold air to the rooms that need it the most.
  5. Cleaning the outdoor coil. The technician will wash the coil from the inside out.  Removing leaves, grass, and other debris from the inside of the coil extends the system’s life and saves money.
  6. Replacing air filters. Standard throw-away filters are provided free of charge or can be replaced with high-efficiency media filters.

Service Agreement Plans Can Save Money and Add Convenience

Service agreement plans like Anthony PHCE’s Anthony Service Agreement Program (A.S.A.P.) are a great way to save money on annual tune-ups.  Homeowners receive reminders when service is due, making scheduling routine maintenance more convenient.  Your A.S.A.P. membership includes four visits a year for one low price:

  • 16-point cooling tune-up
  • 17-point heating tune-up
  • 18-point plumbing inspection with either a 10-point (tank) or 7-point (tankless) inspection of the water heater
  • 17-point electrical inspection

The professionals at Anthony PHCE are here to save you money and make your life easier.  You may contact us anytime via chat or email from our website.  Also, schedule service or request estimates through our Schedule Now button at the top of this page.  We are always happy to talk to you on the phone as well, at A-N-T-H-O-N-Y 268-4669 (913) or (816).

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