HVAC Zone Control Systems in Kansas City

We are always looking for ways to save money and reduce electricity consumption. You can install new insulation or upgrade your heating or cooling system for improved energy efficiency, but both are heavy investments. A zone control system is a anffordable and highly-effective method that can be easily installed in your home. 

A zone control system divides your home into different sections or zones. Each zone has its own thermostat that monitors the temperature in that zone. Call Anthony if you are interested in a consultation for installing an HVAC zone control system in Kansas City. 

Benefits of a Zone Control System

Here are a few reasons a zone control system can be beneficial:

  1. Monetary Savings: This relatively inexpensive upgrade can offer significant savings and eventually pay for itself.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Why heat or cool the entire house? If you aren’t going to go upstairs all day, there’s no point in spending money and energy on conditioning a room that no one is going to use. With a zone control system, you can separate active and inactive spaces. 
  3. Comfort: Imagine it’s winter, and you are cooking or baking in the kitchen. The hot stove and oven are putting out heat, warming up the kitchen. But a traditional furnace doesn’t know that the kitchen is already warm enough. It only receives temperatures from the central thermostat, telling it to turn the heat on. Heat starts blowing into the kitchen, heating it even more. With a zone control system, you can determine where warmth or coolness gets distributed. 
  4. Commercial Applications: Zone control systems are handy for commercial use. Debbie might like her office much warmer than Johnny does. Or room 309 may be used primarily for storage, but the conference room needs constant cooling or heating. 

Installing a Zone Control System

If you’ve decided a zone control system is a good fit for you, the installation process is simple. 

We’ll need to do a few minor upgrades on your air handler and install new thermostat controls in each of the zones in your home. Dampers are added to your ductwork, which will help redirect the airflow to the zones that need it the most. 

Anthony can install zone control systems for homes and office buildings in Kansas City in a single day, and your energy savings will typically offset the cost within a year or two. If you’re ready to learn more about how a zone control system can save you money, call Anthony! Our trained technicians are prepared to discuss the benefits of installing a zone system in your Kansas City home.

Anthony also offers preventative maintenance for zone control systems–

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