Nest Connected Smart Home Products

Many Kansas City homeowners are modernizing their houses with smart home automation products. Nest is at the forefront of the smart home revolution with a mission of “creating the thoughtful home: a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it.”

At Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric, we offer a complete selection of high-tech smart home automation products from Nest, and we’re here to assist in creating your own Nest-connected smart home!

Nest offers a variety of innovative home security, safety, and energy products, including the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, Nest IQ Security Camera, and the Nest Learning Thermostat. Each product works independently and with other smart home products to make homes safer, smarter, and more efficient than ever before.

If you’re ready to have smart home products installed in your Kansas City home, contact Anthony today!

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat has revolutionized home climate control and energy efficiency. This convenient device studies your family’s patterns and automatically adjusts itself accordingly, saving you time and money from less energy usage.

Nest Protect Smoke and CO Detector

The new Nest Protect offers an industrial-grade smoke sensor and will test itself automatically. It is made to last for up to a decade, giving you the peace of mind that your family is always protected.

This smart home product for smoke and CO detection will alert your phone if it senses any problems, and can even be silenced straight from your mobile device with no extra hardware required.

Other benefits of the Nest Protect include:

  • Alerts Your Phone: Nest Protect will send you a message when there’s a problem or if the batteries are running low. Also, the alarm can be silenced directly from your mobile device.
  • Protects You and Your Family: Carbon monoxide is an invisible, poisonous gas. If there is smoke or CO in your living space, the Nest Protect will tell you exactly where it is.
  • Senses Movement: The Split-Spectrum Sensor on the Nest Protect can sense both fast and slow-burning fires. Additionally, while the Nest Protect typically has its light turned off, Pathlight will light your way when you walk underneath it.
  • Lasts Longer: Nest Protect’s long-lasting sensors can keep you protected for up to a decade.
  • Gives Peace of Mind: When you turn out the lights at night, the Nest Protect will emit a quick green glow, letting you know everything’s working well.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam Indoor security camera is designed to help you look after your home and family—even when you’re away.

You can’t always be present to witness events at home. With Nest Cam Indoor, you don’t have to be. Just plug it in and watch the 24/7 action live in 1080p HD. You’ll get a 130 degree wide-angle view, advanced night vision, and can zoom in for a closer look. Sign up for Nest Aware, and you can go back and see everything you missed.

This smart home indoor security camera also features:

  • 24/7 Continuous Recording: Nest Cam records up to 30 days of video history, not just clips.
  • Easy Install: Nest Cam takes only a few minutes to install. Just plug it in and set it up from your phone.
  • Activity Zones: Get alerts when something happens in specific areas you care about.
  • Motion Alerts: Get an alert on your phone or tablet if there is activity within your home.
  • Talk and Listen: Hear what’s happening at home or tell your dog to get off the couch.
  • Nest Aware: Every Nest Cam comes with a free trial. Subscribe to Nest Aware, and you can use the cloud to see more and do more with Nest Cam.
  • Nest Home: When you set your Nest Thermostat to Away, Nest Cam can automatically turn on.

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Nest products work harmoniously with each other or other home automation products to customize to your family’s unique needs. With Nest and other smart home products, you can automatically control your lights, locks, cameras, indoor temperature, and more.

At Anthony, we offer a range of smart home products in the Kansas City Metro area. We would love to help you make your home more innovative than you’ve ever imagined possible. Contact us at (913) 354-8065 to get Nest Smart Home Products in your home today.

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