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Heat Pumps in Kansas City

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There are many options for heating your home, boilers, furnaces, radiators, etc., but few are as energy-efficient and cost-effective as a modern heat pump. The rapid advancement of technology has made it possible to heat your home 99 percent of the time with a heat pump, ensuring you save a lot of money on your energy bills.

If you want to learn more about heat pumps, install one, or service an existing heat pump, call Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric. Our expert technicians can assist you with any heat pump needs and keep your system running smoothly for many years.

Heat Pump Replacement and Installation

We dedicate ourselves to providing customers with energy-efficient options at Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric. Determining your heating load needs is the first step in getting a new heat pump.

Selecting a heat pump that can precisely fit your needs on a cold day is crucial. If it’s too small, it won’t effectively heat your home; if it’s too large, it will short cycle, turning off and on frequently and costing more to operate.

The other thing to consider with heat pumps is efficiency. Heat pumps are rated for both heating and cooling. A heating rating of 10.0 HSPF is considered very good. The industry-standard SEER rating of 14 is the standard starting point for cooling.

Our expert technicians will evaluate your house and give you transparent pricing on the models that best suit your needs.

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Heat Pump Maintenance

Once you have a heat pump, it’s important to make sure it receives regular maintenance. Just like a car needs oil changes, your heat pump works hard and requires tune-ups twice a year.

Technicians will check for loose connections, replace any bad or worn parts, and make upgrades where necessary. A heat pump is a significant investment that can have a long service life with proper routine maintenance.

Contact Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric for routine heat pump maintenance in Kansas City.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps have many moving parts that can lose efficiency or stop working. If your heat pump has stopped working or you hear loud noises coming from it, give us a call for emergency repair services. We can visit your home 7 days a week, and inspect your heat pump for problems. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly test your system during the repair visit to ensure that your heat pump continues functioning correctly even after we leave.

Trust Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric with your heat pump needs. Anthony has you covered whether you need a heat pump replaced, installed, maintained, or repaired in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

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