What a Drip: Outdoor Hose Faucet Care and Repair

March 29, 2017

Outdoor Faucet Trouble

One of the most wasteful and neglected faucets in your home is the outdoor hose faucet. What you wouldn’t give for one that actually shuts all the way off ! In many cases, outdoor faucets drip because of long-term wear and tear, and it makes more sense to replace the faucet rather than repair the component.

It must be installed properly to work correctly and remain trouble-free. The rear chamber must be 10″ inside your home. The air is warmer there in the winter. It also needs to be at the proper downward angle. We want to make sure all the water drains out after use. This is why it’s important to disconnect your hose in the winter. The remaining water can freeze inside a level pipe and when the pipe breaks, that can cause endless amounts of damage. Think about what that could look like if you are out of town or at work for 8 hours. You can see why having us install it correctly is a must!
Our freeze-proof hose faucet has an easy-on, easy off 1/4 turn soft-grip handle which is made right here in Kansas City. Call us for a free estimate to replace your outdoor faucet in time for summer play and chores.

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