Humidity is Relative

18689636_sHigh humidity is relative and is the enemy in the summer months.  But then as the temperature drops, humidity is naturally drawn out of the air.  This lack of humidity causes dry, itchy skin, irritated sinuses, and bloody noses.  It can also be damaging to our homes.  Dry air cracks wood floors and furniture, and even causes paint to chip off the wall.  If you get a static SHOCK after walking across the carpet, that’s another sign of very dry air.
Here is the easy, affordable solution.   Install a whole-home humidifier right into your heating system.  It will automatically detect the humidity and adjust it to your desired level, delivering needed humidity through the duct system to the entire home.  The optimum winter relative humidity level for your home is 35-40%.  With the proper humidity level, it will feel warmer so you can even turn down your thermostat a few degrees (saving energy) and still be comfortable.
A whole-home humidifier, installed directly into your heating and cooling system by a qualified contractor, is far more cost and comfort effective than a portable unit.