Is Your Air Conditioner Noisy and Does It Keep You Up At Night?

June 19, 2024


If this sounds familiar to you and you’re at your wit’s end, and you’ve had enough of your AC keeping you up at night, then it is about time that you distinguish what type of noise you are hearing. 

You should never try and fix your AC by yourself, otherwise, you could potentially cause damage to the unit and to yourself. Always count on an Anthony HVAC technician to educate and lead you to a properly working AC unit.

Is the noise banging, buzzing, clicking, humming, or screeching? Read more to determine the different sounds your AC is making and learn what they mean.

1.) Bang, Bang AC

Banging sounds coming from your AC can represent the fact that something inside the unit is loose and may need tightening. It is not recommended that you open your unit by yourself, especially if you are not an expert in the HVAC craft.

2.) Buzzing AC

Buzzing sounds may indicate many issues that involve a loose part, or perhaps an air filter that needs to be changed. If the AC filter needs to be changed, this can be completed by the homeowner as long as new filters and directions are on hand.

3.) Clicking AC

This instance is not a usual occurrence. If you hear constant clicking, there could possibly be a malfunction inside of your unit, or perhaps the thermostat is failing or failed. This issue should not be handled alone. Call Anthony and our general contractors to address the noisy clicking sounds to reestablish your nightly and daily routine.

4.) Humming AC

Luckily, if your AC is humming, and it does this every now and then, it usually isn’t an issue. If the sound is constant, then it could potentially be an electrical issue. An HVAC expert can examine your AC motor and wiring inside, as loose wires could also be contributing to the humming AC noise.

5.) Loud Pitched Screeching and Screaming

At this point, the best thing you can do to save your unit is to immediately turn off your AC and call Anthony, a Kansas City general contractor, who can properly diagnose your problem. A loud pitched scream deriving from your AC can point to a refrigerant leak. You will need to act quickly, otherwise, your AC parts inside could become damaged, and your family’s health could be compromised from breathing in the harsh chemicals that relate to the refrigerant leak.

AC replacements can be a costly experience. It is always a wise plan to address the problem before your unit needs to be fully replaced. Any noise that comes from your AC needs to be addressed and investigated sooner than later; if you want to avoid paying a lump sum and plan to preserve optimal health for you and your family. The Anthony Kansas City specialists will be able to help you keep your AC in tip-top shape throughout the entire year. Click here to learn more about our AC replacement services today.

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