Put Your Home on Cruise Control

February 24, 2017

Put Your Home on Cruise Control

Control your home from anywhere in the world, right from your smart phone. Use the Anthony MyHome app to program lighting, monitor energy use, and control the climate. Eliminate hidden energy wasters and effectively managing the use of electrical power in areas such as heating and cooling, yard sprinklers, fans, lights and Jacuzzi heaters. Home automation can give your house a “lived-in” appearance by having lights or other appliances turn on while you’re away.

The Anthony MyHome system is designed to fit your lifestyle and allow you to easily control all aspects of your property. Program it to send alerts if you leave the garage door open (and close it), or if the water heater springs a leak while you’re out of town. The digital camera live feed can be accessed from anywhere you have wifi or phone service. With wireless connected outlets and switches, you can manage the use of every electrically powered device in your home.
You can even unlock the front door for the dog-walker when you’re away. Enjoy personalized home automation tailored to your lifestyle. The range of products is modular and can be installed as the need arises. The best part is, this system is surprisingly very affordable.

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