KCP&L Rebate Ending Soon

April 20, 2011

KCP&L Rebate

Kansas homeowners who invest in high efficient air conditioners and heat pumps tap into the KCP&L “Cool Homes” rebate program which is COMING TO AN END very soon. KCP&L just announced late Friday that they have filed with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) to suspend Cool Homes in Kansas. They predict the wildly successful program will come to a sudden halt within 30-60 days.
We’ve served hundreds of customers who have taken advantage of this program already. They realize the value of upgrading their old air conditioners to a more efficient system. And the high efficient new system also means extra dollars in their pocket with each energy bill.
You should be careful not to just buy ‘anything’ that’s new. To qualify, the equipment and installation must meet certain efficiency standards. Call us right away to get qualified. It’s easy to get your rebate, we will do all the paperwork for you.
The KCP&L “Cool Homes” rebate program was put in place in 2007 to encourage Kansas homeowners to upgrade to more green, high efficient heating & cooling systems. According to KCP&L, over 34 million kilowatt hours have been saved as a result of “Cool Homes” and their other programs and services.
KCP&L Rebate Ending Soon

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