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April 18, 2018

We realize that your home is flawed. Pipes burst. Faucets drip. Toilets clog. We can send out a Lenexa plumber to take care of all your plumbing needs. Not only do our services come with a satisfaction guarantee, but our technicians can be trusted with your house keys. Enjoy your day and let our specialists handle the problem!

Faucet Repair in Lenexa

faucet repair in lenexa
Whether your faucet is leaking, making noises or refusing to cooperate, we can send out a Lenexa plumber to get the issue fixed. We can replace your Spout O-rings that are located at the base of the spout. This is necessary when the O-rings become worn out. With Gland O-rings, our plumbers have to remove the valve, turn the spindle and valve body in opposite directions to unscrew the washer unit, cut away damaged rings, replace the ring and reassemble the valve.
We also work on valves to get your faucet functioning at full capacity. The valves control water movement around your home, sectioning off areas that need maintenance. They can also be used as an emergency mechanism to hinder water flow. We work with stop valves to cut off the water supply while we’re working on an issue, shutoff valves to isolate individual appliances and cutoff supply during repairs, and vacuum breakers to prevent air locks.
The most common faucet repair issues we come across involve low water pressure, faucet handle leaks, drips, faucet noises and tricky faucet handles.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is typically caused by a faucet’s sprayer diverter or the aerator. Sometimes, the diverter can become clogged with debris and minerals. We can send out a Lenexa plumber to clear this part out or replace the diverter altogether.  If the aerator is the issue, we can clean this out as well. It may be something as simple as the valve not being fully turned on, so check that first.

Leaking Faucet Handle

If your faucet handle is leaking, it may be caused by a loose packing nut at the handle or a damaged O-ring. Our plumbers can go in and replace the damaged O-ring and lubricate the spout O-rings with silicone-based grease.

Dripping Faucet

In the case that a dripping spout is the cause of your turmoil, we can replace the seat wash or replace the valve seat. To handle faucet noises, we’ll come in and install an air chamber, install a new washer, or adjust the water pressure depending on the source of the problem. For tricky handles, our plumbers can clear out debris that may have damaged the cartridge or apply a silicone-based grease.

Garbage Disposers in Lenexa

garbage disposer
The primary motivating factors to upgrade your garbage disposer is that your new system will be much quieter, reduce the number of clogs, and increase efficiency. With the auto-reverse feature, you don’t have to EVER worry about jams.
The three garbage disposers we offer come at varying levels of price and power.

Good Option

Our ‘Good’ option has ¾ horse power, a heavy duty motor and a stainless steel grinding chamber. This prevents rust, so very little maintenance is needed on your part. Tack on a 3-year in-home warranty and you have a deal that’s hard to pass up on.

Better Option

For those that want an option that’s a step up, the ‘Better’ tier has 7/8 horsepower, the heavy-duty motor and a 2-stage stainless steel grinding chamber that practically liquefies your food. This thoroughness helps preserve the longevity of your pipers, sewer and septic system. With the added insulation, noise will also be reduced by 40% (compared to standard model). Plus, this tier comes with an 8-year in-home warranty.

Best Option

If you decide that you’d rather invest in a stellar system, the ‘best’ option has a 1.1 horsepower heavy duty motor, 60% noise reduction, a 3-stage stainless steel grinding chamber and a full 12-year in-home warranty.

Toilet Repair in Lenexa

man fixing toilet
The most common reason you might need a Lenexa plumber is for toilet repair. Lucky for you, we’ve been flushing out the competition since 1951. We’ll come in and diagnose the issue, then offer multiple options that fit your budget. We’ll even give you an estimate before we start any work, so you’re fully prepared when you get the bill. Common toilet repair issues we take care of include:

  • water leakage
  • toilets that won’t flush/only flush partially
  • slow-filling toilets
  • leaky toilets
  • noisy toilets

Leaking Water

If there’s water on the floor surrounding your toilet, our Lenexa plumber will check the connections and replace any washers that may be causing the problem. Sometimes, this irritating pool is caused by faulty wax rings or a cracked toilet base. We’ll spot these issues right away and get it taken care of. If there’s just water dripping from the side of the tank, condensation may be your culprit. In that case, no fixes are necessary!

Refusing to Flush

For toilets that won’t flush, we normally check to see whether the parts are all functioning correctly. Sometimes, the handle may be too loose or tight for proper functions. If the lift arm is bent or broken, we can go in and replace this part. Same goes for the connection between lift arm and lift chain! We’ll run a proper diagnosis to make sure you never have to deal with the problem again.

Partial Flushing

If you have a toilet that refuses to flush completely, our plumbers will come in and check for slack in the lift chain, low water level in the tank, and ensure the flapper is installed per instructions.

Slow-Filling/Leaky Toilet

For slow-filling toilets, we’ll open up the water supply and clean all your toilet parts. If we can isolate a part that’s the root of the problem, we’ll make the appropriate replacement. Leaky toilets can be fixed with a quick look in the fill tank and a few tests, while a noisy toilet can have many causes.

Noisy Toilet

Don’t let your toilet keep you up at night! A noisy toilet may be caused by the water supply line, valve diaphragm seal or fill valve/ballock. Our Lenexa plumbers can come in and ensure the supply line is completely open, replace seals, and replace parts.

Types of Toilets

With a new toilet, you’ll be able to experience dual flush, an amenity that lets you pick different volumes of water to flush with. That way, you’re cutting down on your utility bill while also helping the environment!  If you want a pressure assisted toilet, you’ll be using less water. However, gravity flush is the norm.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning in Lenexa

lenexa plumber cleaning out sewer drain
Our Lenexa plumbers do more than just fix clogs; We utilize the latest drain cleaning equipment (with video cameras!) to investigate what might be causing the issue.

Main Sewer Lines

For kitchen drains, our Lenexa plumber will go in and eliminate all grease, soap and food waste that may be slowing down your drain. With main sewer lines, we investigate to see whether water-seeking roots have broken through the line and stuffed up the drain. If this is the case, we’ll remove the roots or use a camera to see if something else might be causing the clog.


For shower and bathtub drains, our plumbers will de-clog your drain of the most likely culprits: soap and hair. Keep in mind that you can also complete this repair yourself with the right tools.

Toilet Drains

Toilet drains are a bit trickier. They can become stuffed with tissues, baby wipes, or other products that may not disintegrate as well as toilet paper. Our plumbers go in with a plumbing tool that can clear the obstruction in minutes.

Floor Drains

Typically, floor drains can be found in basements, laundry rooms, garages, patios, driveways and some bathrooms. They’re in place to prevent flooding, but they can often cause more trouble than they’re worth. Despite a trap that prevents odors and gas from escaping, regular drain cleaning is necessary as a preventative measure against clogs.

Bathroom Sink Drains

One of the most common issues our Lenexa plumbers deal with is bathroom sink drains. You’ll be able to tell your drain is clogged if you notice slow draining. These clogs are composed of toothpaste, soap hair and grime. We’ll come in and clear out the pipes. We can also retrieve items that have been dropped down the drain as long as you don’t run any water after the accident occurs.

Water Heaters in Lenexa

water heater
A broken water heater can drive you out of your home for days, so be sure to take care of the problem as soon as it happens. Lucky for you, our Lenexa plumber can provide emergency service no matter the hour. In fact, we promise to replace your water heater the same day if you have a residential 40 or 50 gallon water heater. If we don’t fulfill our promise, you get your money back.
If you need a new water heater, we have six options to choose from (including tankless water heaters). We can set you up with a free estimate to make the purchasing decision easy!
We agree with most water heater manufactures: you should enlist the help of a professional plumber to perform maintenance on your heater.  We can go in and check on the anode rod to ensure all connections are in place, and we can clean out your water heater for maximized longevity.

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If you’re looking for a Lenexa plumber to handle your drain cleaning, water heater, toilet repair, faucet repair, garbage disposers, instant hot water installation, outdoor hose faucet, plumbing repair, and sump pumps, give us a call!

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