Permit Required

September 7, 2016

Field Building Permit Required

A permit is more than a piece of paper. It has everything to do with safety and a job done right. The HVAC industry reports that 90% of heating and cooling systems are installed improperly. Many offenders are minor but some are downright deadly. These installations involve electricity, natural gas, and vent gases (potential CO dangers). Some contractors skip the permit to save costs.
Only a licensed, insured, and bonded contractor can obtain a permit; something to think about if a contractor tells you the permit is not important. And permits are required by every county on both side of state line in Kansas City. A permit assures a second look by a city inspector who is trained to look for and recognize any faulty, shoddy, and dangerous installation shortcuts.
Whether you are in Kansas or Missouri, and you want your heating and cooling system installed properly, safely, and to code, make sure you have that piece of paper.

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