Preparing Your A/C for the Summer Months

Prepare to not repair – AC repair Kansas City

Most HVAC work should be done by a professional, but you can take some steps yourself to ensure the longest life for your system.

1. Check the Thermostat
When you are ready to turn on your A/C make sure you switch to “cool” on your thermostat and that you have the temperature set to your liking. If your home does not cool down to that temperature in a reasonable time you could have one or more issues.
2. Change Your Filter
This is one of the most important steps in system maintenance. Dirty filters mean your system has to work harder to move the air, causing poor performance and creating more wear and tear on the system. A clean filter also lowers your energy costs, since the system uses less power to do the same amount of work, and improves indoor air quality.
3. Inspect the Condensate Drain
If the drain for condensation in your home’s air conditioner becomes obstructed, water damage, high humidity levels and possible mold or bacteria growth may result.
4. Have Your A/C Inspected by a Professional
One of the best ways to ensure your A/C is working at peak efficiency is to have a qualified professional tune-up the system. Anthony Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers a five-point A/C Efficiency Check and a more thorough sixteen-point A/C Precision Tune-Up. Anthony PHC also offers it’s A.S.A.P. Annual Maintenanace Program with discounted  A/C and Furnace Tune-Ups as well as priority scheduling, same technician every time, no overtime charges, and more.