Top Plumbing Technology Trends for 2021

December 9, 2020

Voice activation, motion sensing and WiFi connectivity are some of the hottest technology to be found in plumbing this year.  Some of the slickest plumbing technology utilizes low-tech design ingenuity invented by a local Kansas City company.  Your family should consider installing these trendy new plumbing technologies in your home this year.

Outdoor Hot & Cold Water Hydrants

Hot water should not be limited to indoor use only.  Finally, outdoor hydrants are available that bring hot and cold water to your outdoor activities, thanks to a Kansas City based company.  With a simple twist of the center knob, you can adjust the temperature of water used outside, just like in the house.  These hydrants are also frost-free, which means water will no longer be syphoned into your interior water pipes causing freezing, bursting and flooded basements.

Quarter-Turn Frost Free Outdoor Hydrants

Quarter-turn frost free outdoor hydrants are another way to provide protection against frozen pipes using the same technology as the hot and cold water hydrant.  These quarter-turn outdoor hydrants are also convenient and comfortable to use, with soft grips and a reduced turning radius needed to turn water on and off.

Water Guardian Leak Prevention System

Water leaks can happen in multiple places in your home.  Water reclamation, damage mitigation and mold prevention after a flood is expensive, and some items such as photos, paperwork and keepsakes cannot be repaired or replaced.  Anthony PHCE’s Water Guardian flood sensors can be placed near all devices or areas subject to the possibility of flooding and alert you through your smart phone when water is detected well in advance of the occurrence of expensive water damage.

WiFi Sump Pump with Battery Back-Up Pump

Homeowners can now access real-time primary and back-up pump status, water level, and battery level from anywhere using an app on their phone.  WiFi sump pump and battery back-up sump pump combos can be easily installed in your existing sump pit.  Innovative technology transmits data to your phone app even during power outages, for connectivity when your Wi-Fi router is down.

Smart Toilets with Personalized Presets via Phone App

Smart toilets are all the rage for 2021, and worth the cost if you consider the multitude of features they include.  Now with the push of a button on your phone, or with just your voice, your toilet can adjust to your personalized seat warmth, water cleansing temperature, ambient light color choice and level of air freshening.  Smart toilets also include UV sanitation, automatic touchless flushing and hands free seat closing to make them extra safe and sanitary.  And of course, they are a comfortable height with an elongated bowl for ADA compliance.

Toilet Lids with Motion Sensing LED Lights

When visiting the toilet in the middle of the night you have two options; awakening yourself by turning on a light, or risk missing your mark in the dark.  Enter one of the smartest new features in toilet technology – a seat that lights up when it sees you coming.  There are now a variety of motion sensing, energy efficient LED light toilet seats that come in customizable color schemes, so you can handle your business, and get back to sleep.

Singing in the Shower with Bluetooth Shower Heads

Send your favorite tunes, news or sports broadcasts to your shower the smart way, through a shower head with a Bluetooth speaker built into it.  These speakers are easily removable for recharging, or for moving them to your tub for company during a long soak.

Talk to Your Faucet, or Just Wave Hello

Touchfree faucets have become ubiquitous in public spaces, but now there is a wide variety of beautiful versions designed for your home kitchen and bathrooms.  Touchfree faucets stay cleaner longer, and are great when you have your hands full of slippery grooming or cooking products.  Touchfree faucets come in both motion sensing and voice activated versions, and are more sanitary than traditional faucets.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters save energy, save space, and provide instant and continuous hot water for all your family’s needs.  Anyone with a soaking tub should consider a tankless water heater, as well as families with multiple bodies taking showers in multiple bathrooms.  Tankless water heaters last twice as long as traditional water heaters, too.  Consider this water and energy saving green technology to increase your home’s resale value as well.

Technology to Keep Your Body, and Your Pipes, Healthy

One of the essential health choices consumers can make is to purify the water they take into bodies and breathe in while they shower.  A whole-home filtration system can remove the deadly chlorine and other harmful chemicals from your drinking water and shower steam, and make the water healthier for your cooking, your pets and your plants as well.  Whereas filtration is essential for your physical health, water softening is essential for the health of your plumbing and appliances.  Mineral build-up from hard water clogs and corrodes your pipes, fixtures and water-using appliances like dishwashers, causing them to fail sooner.  Now there are filtration and softening combination systems that can soften and filter your water at the same time, for the best of both worlds in the smallest possible footprint.

What is the Best Plumbing Technology for My Home?

Anthony PHCE expert plumbers are here to advise you on the best technology solutions for your home and family.  Give us a call at A-N-T-H-O-N-Y 268-4669 (913) or (816) or email your questions to [email protected].

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