5 Plumbing Lessons for the Novice and Seasoned Homeowner

September 1, 2015

 Plumbing Lessons
for the Novice and Seasoned Homeowner

1. Preventive maintenance is a must. More commonly thought of for your heating and cooling system, but just as important for your plumbing system.
2. Before you purchase a home, have a video inspection performed on the sewer pipe.
3. Don’t use harsh chemicals (toxic) to attempt to open a drain and don’t waste your money on a rented drain cleaning machine. They are dangerous, don’t extend long enough, and are not powerful enough.
4. Learn where your main water shut-off valve is as well as the shut-off at each fixture. You will be prepared rather than forced to search in a panic.
5. Forget the crank-on/crank-off. Discover the convenience of our easy 1/4-turn hose bib and you will smile each time you use it.

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