Summer Cooling Tips

May 11, 2011

Summer in a hot home is no fun

By Steve Burbridge, Anthony Plumbing, Heating & Cooling
Many Kansas City area homeowners have switched their thermostats to cooling with the recent 90°+ temperatures. However, there are other seasonal switch-over tasks that will make homes more comfortable and reduce electric bills.
Anthony Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offers the following tips:
1. Adjust dampers in the ductwork to force cool air in the house to rooms that are hard to cool.
2. If there are no dampers in the ductwork, or they are difficult to access, close the supply register in easy-to-cool rooms to force more air to hard-to-cool rooms.
3. If the system has a central bypass-type humidifier (very common), then turn the damper off in the bypass duct and turn off the humidistat.
4. Move furniture away from supply registers so airflow is not impeded. Floor supply registers are commonly blocked by furniture.
5. Turn the fan switch to “On” at the thermostat. By circulating air in the home, occupants will feel cooler so the temperature does not need to be set as low. Also, circulating air makes the temperature more even from room to room and floor to floor.
6. Avoid having a heat source like a lamp near a thermostat.
7. Install a clean air filter. Airflow is critical for cooling and a clean air filter has the least resistance.
Anthony Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has performed hundreds of service calls since the heat hit Saturday. The two most common repairs have been low on refrigerant and dirty air filters.
Keep hot spots cool with ZONING.
Summer Cooling Tips

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