Commercial HVAC Replacement

Commercial HVAC Replacement in Kansas City

Commercial HVAC systems are essential to doing business. Keeping your tenants, clients, customers, inventories, and employees safe from the elements is critical. Keeping your business temperature controlled is mission-critical to the operation and success of your business.

Commercial spaces are often complicated, requiring a trained professional to evaluate your property and determine the best system. Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric has years of experience installing, inspecting, and repairing commercial HVAC systems throughout the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. Our trained technicians can help you select the most appropriate HVAC system for your business’s needs and install it correctly.

Choosing a New Commercial HVAC System

Choosing the right system is a big decision that takes a professional’s insight. Anthony’s technicians will start by measuring your building’s conditioned square footage, ceiling height, building orientation in relation to the sun, insulation levels, and various devices you may have inside generating heat (electronics, machinery, appliances, etc.).

There are multiple options for commercial HVAC replacement in KCMO, but one of the most popular options is rooftop units. Rooftop HVAC units keep the fan noise out of the way and don’t take up space around the building that might’ve been used for parking or loading. Rooftop units are compact and efficient for both heating and cooling.

Finding the right size HVAC system model is relatively easy, but finding out what size you need does take more expertise. Most HVAC brands offer a wide range of rooftop unit sizes, from 1.5 to 150+ tons.

Commercial HVAC Replacement Services

Once you have chosen a system, the next step is physically moving and replacing your existing HVAC system. Removing one or more units is quite the process, but our expert technicians have experience in safely removing old units. The placement of some units can be tricky, so choosing a company you can trust is important.

After removing the old units, we start installing the new commercial HVAC units and integrating them into your existing duct system. During this process, we check for required upgrades, such as new temperature controls or changes to your ductwork and ventilation system.

Checking your ventilation system and ductwork is vital to ensuring your new HVAC system works efficiently without significant air leaks in your ducts. We may also determine that some duct cleaning is in order.

From start to finish, the job can take anywhere from one to three days. After your initial consultation, we can give a more precise estimate of what exactly would be involved in replacing your system.

Trust Our Professionals

If you get a system that is too small, it will struggle to heat or cool the area required–straining the components. If the system is too large, it will short cycle frequently, reducing efficiency and creating wear and tear on the system.

Don’t risk a significant investment like this on an unproven company–trust the professionals at Anthony. Our expert technicians will evaluate your property and ensure that you get the best system that fits your needs. Our experts are thoroughly trained, certified, and insured. Rest assured that your business is safe with us.

Schedule a free commercial HVAC replacement consultation in Greater Kansas City.

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