Outdoor Hose Faucet Services in Kansas City

A small water leak can have a significant impact on your property as well as your water bill. The home’s foundation could be at risk for damage, and if the leak is left unfixed, it could lead to landscaping issues and property repairs. 

Homeowners experiencing a leaking outdoor hose faucet in their Kansas City home should arrange for repair as soon as possible.

At Anthony Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric, our professional plumbers have years of experience. We’ll be there to inspect your outdoor hose faucet and provide efficient solutions, whether repair or replacement.

Signs of a Leaky Outdoor Hose Faucet

It’s not always immediately apparent that you have an outdoor hose faucet with a leak. That’s why it’s essential to recognize these signs that you might need immediate hose faucet repair:

  • High Water Bill: If you haven’t significantly changed your water usage patterns, but the utility bill has skyrocketed, it could indicate a leak.
  • Water Pools in Your Yard: With how the home’s plumbing systems are set up, water should naturally drain away. Pools of water in your yard could indicate a leak, as the ground can’t keep up with absorbing the constant water.
  • Low Water Pressure: If you’re experiencing low water pressure but don’t see a leak inside your home, it could be an issue with the buried main water line. 
  • Damage to Your Home’s Foundation: Your home’s foundation is supposed to be durable and reliable. This foundation can easily be weakened by water leaking from a broken faucet.


Homeowners tend to water their property more often in the spring, meaning you want to schedule outdoor hose faucet maintenance before then to ensure a smooth transition from winter to spring. 

Outdoor Hose Faucet Repair and Replacement 

At Anthony, we offer repair and replacement for outdoor hose faucets in Kansas City. We understand the struggle of a leaky hose faucet and the damage that can occur with it.

That’s why we offer around-the-clock maintenance, repair, and replacement services for outdoor hose faucet needs. Contact us today to schedule your outdoor hose faucet maintenance now.

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