Robbery May Have Been a Blessing in Disguise – a Customer’s Story

March 12, 2010

Misfortune May Have Been a Blessing in Disguise

When Mark Hamilton discovered in August of 2009 that thieves had stolen the coils from the two large air conditioners that kept the Ivanhoe Masonic Lodge cool, he was not happy. “We had a 7.5-ton and a 10-ton air conditioner,” Hamilton said. “I called Anthony because I had heard that they were good.”

When the Anthony installers got there to replace the coils, they discovered that the two units, installed by others in 2007, were not the correct size for the building and, in fact, posed a fire hazard. Hamilton said he was a little skeptical of this conclusion so he had it checked out independently of Anthony. “They agreed that the units were not safe and were amazed that they had not caught fire,” Hamilton told us. “It made me mad that I had hired experts to install them and not only were they incorrect, they were dangerous.”

“I figured Anthony PHC had me over a barrel without any options and they’d probably overcharge me because they could,” Hamilton confided. “But they made right what others had done wrong! In fact, they saw that two of my four heaters were 20 years old and offered me such a good price to replace them, I replaced all four. These guys pulled it together and had a total of four heaters and four A-coils and the two outside units replaced in five working days…fantastic.”

“The installers from Anthony bent over backwards to help me. They were extremely professional and totally upfront with everything. I really appreciated that. If the thieves hadn’t stolen the parts, we never would have discovered the danger and the building could have burned down. That would have been much worse!” Hamilton added. “And we never would have discovered Anthony Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.”

“I trust them completely. In fact, they have a key to the building and now when I need service, I give them a call, they come out, fix it, hang their tag on it and I know everything is good. Can you trust them with your keys?…YOU BET! I DO!”

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